A few tips to help you get your posts featured on our socials!
We often get asked what we look for when deciding on photos to feature. #1 would be photography that is consistent to our brand. We look for well lit, clear, bright and light photos. TOP 3 things we love:
1. photos that match our feed aesthetic. (Don’t worry about the editing, we take care of that part)
2. Photos with neutral backgrounds (this gives us room to add fun pattern backgrounds)
3. photos with simple props that match the product 
4. clear & high quality (product isn’t blurred)
Here are a few examples of Brand Ambassador photos that we love & why:


this photo is perfect. Neutral & light background with a very simple photo prop that matches the theme (valentines)

very simple and plain background. This gives us the ability to add the product pattern to the background (like below)

This photo is perfect because it has natural light from the outdoors and showcases the harness and leash nicely. It isn’t too busy in the background and the main focal point is the dog and product.


This photo has the perfect lighting. It’s light and airy with a simple background. Love how this leash is displayed!


This photo is bright and very creative. And displays more than one product in a creative way. 

there are many ways to display blankets and wrapping your dog up in them is a favorite! This one is perfect and shows the logo very clearly (some blankets don’t have logos so logo isn’t always necessary to be shown)